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German, one of the world's major languages, is closely related to English and Dutch. It is spoken by approximately 100 million native speakers worldwide,with about 80 million non-native speakers. Though there are different dialects (the most common being Low and High German), a universalized form of the language called Standard German is taught in most schools and universities.

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501 German Verbs
by Henry Strutz
4th edition from Barron's Educational Series, Inc.
for 9th-Adult
in German (Location: B14-03D)
German Grammar Flipper
from Christopher Lee Publications
for 8th-12th grade
in German (Location: B14-03D)
German in 10 Minutes a Day
by Kristine Kershul
from Bilingual Books
for 6th-Adult
in German (Location: B14-03D)
German Picture Word Book
by Barbara Steadman, Hayward Cirker
from Dover Publications
for 3rd-6th
in German (Location: B14-03D)
Living Language German - Complete Course
Com/Pap Bl from Living Language
for 7th-Adult
in German (Location: B14-03D)