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Family-Time Bible in Pictures

Family-Time Bible in Pictures

by Kenneth N. Taylor
Publisher: Tyndale House
Hardcover, 302 pages
Current Retail Price: $12.99

The Family-Time Bible in Pictures covers the scope of biblical history from Genesis to the Revelation of St. John(Job is the only major story left out). Best suited for kids preschool-2nd grade, the simple text and incredible illustrations (somehow realistic and stylized simultaneously) convey a sense of the narrative of Scripture. 128 stories (75 for OT, 53 for NT) with Bible references and two comprehension questions at the end of each are short enough (generally 2-3 pages) to keep the attention of young kids.

Like Kenneth Taylor's other story Bibles, this one doesn't emphasize a specific doctrinal perspective, though it is broadly Evangelical. The stories focus on events and people rather than theology, though of course the story of redemption and God's character come through. This is really just an introduction to the flow of the biblical narrative, though, and shouldn't be relied on to teach key doctrine or illuminate the deeper truths of Scripture.

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