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Exodus Sponsor

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Many of you know by now that Exodus Books has decided to close. Our last day in our Portland, OR location was October 20th, 2017.

So why would we ask you still to support us? Well, the one thing that we don't intend to dismantle is this website. While for now, it won't be a source to buy books, it will still continue to offer our nearly 1500 product and curriculum reviews, as well as offering all sorts of ideas for books in multitudes of subjects, and tons of links to additional resources and product samples. We don't want to make this a subscription-based site, but at the same time won't be able to afford to fund it on our own.

It costs about $1000 a year to simply to keep this website live. That covers the annual domain registration fee and the costs of the hosting it on a server. There is also the cost of fixing the occasional glitches as software updates go into effect. We plan to start monetizing this site through affiliate links, but we'd like to keep it clean of ads, if we can help it.

We've created this page so you can contribute funds directly. You can contribute any amount in $5 increments here. We'd be happy to provide a receipt although since we are not a non-profit, we are sorry to say it can't be written off. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions and comments. We'll be here....for awhile at least.

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