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Exodus Sponsor

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Many of you know by now that Exodus Books is at a crisis point. We need to move; we need to expand and improve our services; we need to write more product reviews. All this takes capital and resources, neither of which grow on trees. If it did, we'd just quietly take some baskets into the majestic Pacific Northwest forests that surround us.

Don't worry, we haven't given up. We still have plenty of fight left, but we need you in our corner to splash water in our faces, tape the cuts on our knuckles, and donate financial support. This can come in many ways, the most obvious being to buy books and curriculum at Exodus Books. For those who want to cut to the chase, you can use this sponsor button to donate money to a good cause.

What is the cause we're asking you to support? Well, in these troubled economic times (and given some sobering personal circumstances), we're fighting for the existence of Exodus Books. We want to continue to offer honest reviews, helpful advice, and a handpicked selection, but we can only do these things with your help.

We're in the process of launching a GoFundMe campaign (to appear in early July) to raise enough money to either stay in business as an online catalog with warehouse prices and by-appointment consulting ($60K), or to move our physical location and stay in business as a storefront offering the same goods and services we offer now ($100K). You'll be able to read more about these efforts shortly.

If you'd rather not use a third-party site but still want to help, we've created this page so you can contribute funds directly. You can contribute any amount in $5 increments here. We'd be happy to provide a receipt although since we are not a non-profit, we are sorry to say it can't be written off. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions and comments, or any brilliant solutions you may have. We'll be here....for awhile at least.

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