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Escape to Freedom

Escape to Freedom

A Play About Young Frederick Douglass

by Ossie Davis
Publisher: Puffin Books
Mass market paperback, 89 pages
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"Keep the black man away from the books, keep us ignorant, and we would always be his slaves! . . . Come hell or high water—even if it cost me my life—I was determined to read."

The price for learning and for freedom would be higher than Frederick Douglass could ever have imagined. Mastering reading, he would bring it to other slaves. When discovered, he would be brought to Covey, the notorious slave breaker. And his spirit would be broken. Yet, when all seemed lost, a new determination arose to find freedom and to lead the way for others. Here is the story of young Frederick Douglass, a slave who would rise to advise presidents and represent our nation. Using narrative, dialogue, and song, it is a play that calls up all the power of words and of spirit that began a remarkable escape to freedom.

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