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English Grammar Recitation I - Student Book

English Grammar Recitation I - Student Book

by Cheryl Lowe
Publisher: Memoria Press
Current Retail Price: $11.95

English Grammar Recitation: Book I is tied specifically to the grammar taught in Latina Christiana I, but it can be used successfully alongside any Latin program. Students will master (and be able to recite fluently) 31 grammar rules, 10 capitalization rules, and 15 punctuation rules. English Grammar Recitation teaches grammar through the recitation method, which works much like a catechism. Through repetition, students master about 30 grammar questions each year, for a total of about 150 grammar questions by the end of this course in five books.

Students memorize the terminology and definitions of analytical grammar, much as they memorize forms in Latin. Brief exercises, including some diagramming, do accompany these grammar questions; however, the mastery of the English grammar catechism is the primary goal of this course, not its application. English Grammar Recitation also covers capitalization and punctuation through recitation. Students recite the rules and demonstrate their correct use through dictation of model sentences. It is hoped that this course can be completed in much less time than the typical English grammar course, leaving more time for composition and Latin.

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