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Elsie's Motherhood

Elsie's Motherhood

Elsie Dinsmore Collection #5
by Martha Finley
Publisher: Mantle Ministries
Item: 20804
Hardcover, 348 pages
Current Retail Price: $15.00

Ion, the Travillas’ home, is about to be the center of joyous family reunion once again as Edward and Elsie celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary renewing their vows amongst family and friends. Soon afterwards, young Edward Jr. is about to learn a valuable lesson on obedience when his father’s life is mercifully spared after a careless shooting episode. Along with the echo of the last gun of the Civil War, comes opportunity for Elsie and Edward to share their faith in Christ with those who were hit hardest from the devastation of the Civil War. Besides offering financial aid and comfort, they become involved in a cause to protect the innocent from a new post-war enemy of terrifying marauders set on the path of destruction. Meanwhile, Elsie’s newly discovered Cousin Ronald from Scotland appears on the scene with a special talent and joins them in their campaign against the persecution of innocence.

Elsie’s Motherhood is the fifth book in the original, unabridged nineteenth century Martha Finley classic, the Elsie Dinsmore Series. These books are best when read in order.

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  This Is A Awesome Series!
Abigail of Kansas, 2/1/2014
this is a awesome series! would recomend this series to any girl 10 and up!!