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Duane T. Gish

Duane T. Gish

Born in Kansas, Gish went on to become famous worldwide for his debates in favor of Creationism. He started out earning a BS degree in Chemistry from UCLA and then a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. This led him into a position at Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company as a research assistant. There he worked with peptides and co-authored several articles about peptide chemistry.

Leaving Upjohn, Gish united with San Diego Christian College's research department, which is now the Institute for Creation Research, where he is currently the Senior Vice-President Emeritus. Respected by many creationists, Gish also has his critics in the scientific community who discredit his work, saying he hasn't done much recent research or stayed up-to-date with the scientific literature. However, Gish has published around 40 scientific articles, gives both seminars and lectures on creation science, and often debates against other speakers with beliefs based on evolution. His books for children include: The Amazing Story of Creation, Evolution: The Fossils Still Say No!, and Dinosaurs by Design.


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