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Saxon Advanced Mathematics - Home School Bundle with DIVE CD

by David Shormann
Publisher: Saxon Publishers
2nd Edition, Item: 5756
Curriculum Bundle
List Price: $185.40 Our Price: $185.40

In Advanced Mathematics, topics from advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry, discrete mathematics, and mathematical analysis are interwoven to form a fully integrated text. Specific topics include permutations and combinations; trigonometric identities; inverse trigonometric functions; conic sections; graphs of sinusoids; rectangular and polar representation of complex numbers; De Movie's theorem; matrices and determinants; the binomial theorem; and the rational roots theorem. Euclidean geometry is also included. (125 lessons)

The student text, which contains answers to odd-numbered problems; the Home Study Packet, which is the complete answer key and tests; the Solutions Manual; and the DIVE CD-ROM are all included in this bundle. You will need a scientific calculator, but since there are optional exercises for a graphing calculator, that would be even better.


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Saxon Samples:

Table of Contents
Lesson 2 page 1
Lesson 2 page 2
test 7
Answer Key

DIVE Demos:

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