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Exploring the World Around You

A Look at Nature from Tropics to Tundra

by Gary E. Parker
Publisher: Master Books
Consumable Workbook, 140 pages
Price: $13.99
Used Price: $9.50 (2 in stock) Condition Policy

It has been said that our planet is really just an insignificant speck in a vast universe, but that's not true! In fact, the conditions for life found on earth are supremely unique and make our life here comfortable. This despite the reality that the world around us is also tainted and in need of careful calibration in order to continue.

This book opens a window to the spectacular environments found on our planet, from deserts to the tropics. Researcher and biologist Dr. Gary Parker brings his vast knowledge of ecology to a teaching setting, exploring and explaining ecosystems, population growth, habitats, adaptations, energy problems, and much more. Learn about insect control in California, why mammals have fur, and how sharks maintain "friendships" with small fish known as remora.

Exploring the World Around You brings the varieties of our planet's habitats alive to the reader, and is a wonderful learning tool complete with illustrations, chapter tests, and an index.

Come explore the world:

  • From the mountain heights where the air is thin and breathing is difficult to the heated deserts where temperatures can soar to well over 120 degrees.
  • From the sultry, wet rain forests where sunlight never brightens the underneath to the dry, arctic tundra with its fragile ecosystem.
  • From the variable deciduous forests rich with wildlife to the arid grasslands where animals roam in herds.

A celebration of the earth's environments and the Christian's obligation to this unique home.

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