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How Nature Works

100 Ways Parents & Kids Can Share the Secrets of Nature

by David Burnie
Publisher: Reader's Digest
Hardcover, 192 pages
Current Retail Price: $24.00
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Secrets of the natural world are revealed through facts and hands-on activities designed to involve children and adults. Topics cover the most simple form of life—the cell—through various types of plants and classifications of animals. Crisp, full-color, fully captioned photographs, diagrams, and illustrations combine with text of varying type-faces and sizes in an uncluttered format that skillfully separates information and makes directions easy to follow.

Various stages of experiments are photographed and clearly explained step-by-step so that much can be learned just by reading them. However, most seem so appealing that readers will want to see the results for themselves. Equipment needed can be found in most households. If potentially hazardous materials are required, the text emphasizes the importance of adult assistance.

A glossary and expansive index make this a valuable resource, and teachers will find an abundance of general information, experiments, and activities that can easily be incorporated into science classes. A captivating interactive approach to learning that promotes the naturalist's motto, "Look, learn, and then leave alone."
Diane Nunn, Richard E. Byrd Elementary School, Glen Rock, NJ

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