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Fundamentals of Literature - Student Worktext (old)

by Donna Lynn Hess (Editor)
1st Edition, ©1998, Publisher Catalog #034173
535 pages
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PLEASE NOTE: this is your last chance to buy this book. We will NOT be buying it again. Also, this book is NOT RETURNABLE, and SOLD AS-IS. It may have defects, such as highlighting, torn pages or loose cover.

This is an older version of the first edition and is nearly identical to it, save a couple of minor changes. The biggest change is that the 25 page story "Gold Bug," by Edgar Allen Poe, was replaced by a four page retelling of the David and Goliath story and the stories "Quiet Man," by Maurice Walsh and "The Necklace," by Guy de Maupassant. The other changes are small aesthetic adjustments here and there, but nothing that affects the text. If these changes don't faze you, buy one of these used (but nice) copies of the older edition at a significantly reduced price!

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