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Dating with Integrity

Dating with Integrity

by John Holzmann
Trade Paperback, 241 pages
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John Holzmann is convinced that men and women of all ages need one another. He believes each one of us will suffer a distorted view the world if we refuse to enter into and maintain close relations with members of the opposite sex. At the same time, he says, biblical principles disallow the kinds of relationships most of us refer to when we speak of boyfriends and girlfriends. Using Scripture as his guide and applying insights gained from careful observation of common behavior in our culture, Mr. Holzmann seeks to help readers understand how to become true friends with members of the opposite sex. Relationships of integrity, Mr. Holzmann says, promote a healthy joy in each other's presence, a freedom that those involved in boyfriend-girlfriend relationships never experience. And they permit you to get to know others—and let them get to know you —far more fully and accurately than boyfriends and girlfriends ever can.

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