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by Don Freeman
Publisher: Puffin Books
Trade Paperback, 48 pages
Current Retail Price: $6.99

Despite instructions to come as is, Dandelion goes all out for the party he is invited to. He has his mane curled by the barber, gets a stylish checkered suit, and buys a bouquet of fancy flowers for his hostess, the Giraffe. This dandy lion is all set for the party. The only problem is, when he knocks at the door, he is so dressed up that Giraffe doesn’t recognize him! Dandelion gets the door slammed in his face, just in time for a downpour that quite ruins his curls and his suit. But without the jacket and the curls, he looks just like he normally does, and tries the door again- this time with a handful of dandelions instead of a flower shop bouquet. He and his friends laugh about his misadventure, but Dandelion promises never to try to be too dandy, and to just be himself.

Review by Hadley Ayers
Hadley Ayers was an exemplary employee at Exodus for several years. Full of life and laughter, she is an avid reader who loves both classics and popular literature. Her reviews are clear, helpful and often witty. Check more of them out here.


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