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by Edward T. Welch
Publisher: New Growth Press
Trade Paperback, 102 pages
Current Retail Price: $17.99

Not just another 12-step program (this is a 10-week study), Crossroads is a biblical guide to getting out of the swampland of addiction and into the green pastures of God's love. The irony is that addictions pose as green pastures....until they take over (as they invariably do) and break relationships, careers, and lives. Welch acknowledges the initial appeal of those things we become addicted to, but straightforwardly demonstrates that addictions are a sin problem, not just a psychological disease.

The only way out of addiction is through Christ, and Welch's guide is consequently based in Scripture and Christian principles. This isn't a guide for people who want to understand addiction or even for those looking to help someone disabled by its ensnarements—this is for addicts themselves, and pulls no punches in helping them confront the true nature of their behavior and pointing them toward Christ, the one source of freedom. Modeled on the information and approach found in Welch's Addictions—A Banquet in the Grave, Crossroads is a practical approach to redemption from sin and relief in God and His Word.

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