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Classic Curriculum Writing Grade 3, Book 3

Classic Curriculum Writing Grade 3, Book 3

Publisher: Mott Media
Consumable Workbook
Current Retail Price: $13.49

These black-and-white workbooks are designed to provide additional practice sheets for The Original McGuffey Readers and the Spencerian Penmanship Set.

This workbook includes: writing in alphabetical order; subject and predicate; the articles "A" and "An"; nouns, pronouns, and verbs; writing a paragraph; adjectives and adverbs; proper adjectives; word meanings; writing a thank-you note; conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections; prepositional phrases; regular verbs; writing a poem; irregular verbs; abbreviations; writing scripture; future tense; quotations; writing articles; possessive pronouns; the apostrophe; double negatives.

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