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Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book 1

Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book 1

by Florence Bass
2nd Edition, ©1996, Publisher Catalog #CLP29950
Trade Paperback, 163 pages
Current Retail Price: $9.50

See series description for full review.

See series description for full review.

This reader is designed not only to improve a child's reading skills and comprehension, but also to increase the youngster's understanding of and delight in God's wonderful creation. The text also seeks to expand the vocabulary skills of the reader by way of special drill in the key terms in dark print found throughout the book. Therefore, it reinforces phonics and introduces basic dictionary skills at the same time. This revised edition retains its gentle, old-fashioned content (similar to the McGuffey readers) but is more comfortable to read than the previous version due to its larger font size and engaging two-color pictures.

Book 1 covers primarily insects and a handful of birds, leading up to a brief discussion of God's creation of man and his abilities.

Sample Section:

A Little Mother

Children, did you ever think about how much your mothers do for you? They give you good things to eat and clothes to wear. They help to make a pleasant home for you.

God also made mothers for many of his tiny creatures. He made these mothers to care for their little ones, just as your mother cares for you.

One little mother is the mud wasp. She works very hard. She never seems to stop for a minute. What can she be doing? Just now, she is building a nest. She comes with a little ball of mud. She spreads this mud with her jaws. She begins in the middle and spreads it down one side of the nest. Then she darts away. She has gone for more soft mud. Soon she comes back with another piece. She begins at the top and spreads it out on the other side.

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  Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book 1
Ginger C. of Portland, Oregon, 1/13/2011
My kids loved this series of books! We read one section each day (1-3 pages). I had them draw each species that the book described. By the end of the year they had a notebook filled with drawings of different critters, carefully labelled. The descriptions are in simple language, lovingly told, with illustrations of each species. At that pace I think we took about two years to complete all the books in the series. I used Book 1 in my kindergarten class at the homeschool co-op as well. The children there enjoyed the stories just as much!