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Christ in Relationships - DVD

Christ in Relationships - DVD

by Jim Wilson
Publisher: Canon Press
Current Retail Price: $40.00

This packaged DVD seminar offers you the opportunity to learn wisdom from a man who has faithfully followed Christ in his relationships for over sixty years. Jim Wilson's presentations are immensely practical, and they can be used effectively by churches, small groups, families, and individuals interested in putting their relationship with Christ into action.

Jim celebrated his 80th birthday last October. Sixty of these years have been as a Christian. Jim's career includes first serving in the Navy as an officer for nine years and then with Officer's Christian Fellowship for another twelve years. In 1971, Jim and his wife Bessie moved to Moscow with their children (Doug, Evan, Heather, and Gordon), where Jim has worked as a local pastor and director of Community Christian Ministries for over thirty-five years. Jim has authored a number of books (including How to be Free from Bitterness) and is well-known for his practical Bible teaching on relationships and evangelism. Jim and Bessie have fifteen grandchildren, one of whom is in Heaven, and fifteen great-grandchildren.

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