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Pregnancy & Infant Care

We are in the midst of a war—a war against life, a war against the unborn. Day after day, too many infants are still being slaughtered, sacrificed on the altar of modern men and women’s autonomy and convenience. But the fight for life cannot be waged in a merely negative fashion. In order to win the day against the forces of death we must have a positive agenda that is mightier than that of our opponents.

Sentimentalism is not a weapon for this war. We cannot defeat those wanting to slaughter babies by turning to a warm gushy feeling in our breasts, cooing over the cuteness of fat fingers and chubby cheeks. No! We need a war strategy. We need to know who our enemies are and what weapons are at our disposal. We need an agenda for victory.

Such an agenda for victory will not spend all its time citing the things we are against but will devote at least as much time and energy formulating ideas and commitments about what we are “for.” It must begin with a robust and glorious concept of pregnancy and of the care of infants. The time has come again for pregnant women and their families to be honored and held in high esteem. Infants are to be welcomed into the world. Pregnant mothers are to be praised. Those who bring forth life and nurture it are fighting the war. Each diaper change, every nose wiped, each feeding is a battle won.

The books in this category are not theoretical or spiritual. They deal with the nitty gritty of having babies and then nurturing their physical needs. But even these fleshly fundamentals have a higher purpose.

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