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Cat in the Hat Comes Back

Cat in the Hat Comes Back

by Dr. Seuss
Publisher: Random House
Hardcover, 63 pages
Current Retail Price: $8.99
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While the children are in the middle of shoveling snow, who should come sauntering back into their lives but the Cat in the Hat! Though he promises he’s not up to his tricks, the children have to kick him out of their tub, where they discover him eating cake. He’s out of the tub, but he’s left a pink cat ring. Will it ever come off? The Cat in the Hat takes matters in hand, pulling out of his hat some helpers, little cats A, B, and C. With their combined forces, they succeed in making an even bigger mess. Does the Cat have another trick up his hat that will get rid of the mess forever?

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  Ah the Sequel... As Usual, Not Quite As Cool
Sincerelyornot of Oregon, 10/24/2011
Pink cat ring, ah, good times. I remember how fun it was to clean the bathroom after reading this book. Only worked a few times, but I'm sure my mom appreciated anything that would get me into chores. Not quite as awesomely good as the original, thus four stars.