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Body of Evidence DVD Set

Body of Evidence DVD Set

Publisher: Answers in Genesis
Item: 45544
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Former medical university professor Dr. Menton takes two teens on a teaching-tour through the major systems of the body. Dr. Menton is loved worldwide for his humorous and insightful talks that leave audiences in hushed awe at the Creator's wisdom. In this series, Menton employs anatomical props, models, and microscopic images to teach about God's amazing designs for life.

Geared for teens and adults, Body of Evidence is great for anyone studying the human body, plus all who want to be able to show their skeptical friends some of the most amazing designs that point unmistakably to our Creator. Produced in cooperation with the AFA Homeschool Channel. 30-40 minutes per part.

  1. Cells & Tissue
    In this first video of the series, Dr. Menton and his students turn to the microscope to better understand how the various organs and organ systems work.
  2. Skeletal System
    Without bones you would be a lump of fleshy organs. Without cartilage you would have no nose, no fingernails, and folding your arm or straightening your leg would be extremely painful.
  3. Integumentary System
    The skin is the largest organ in the body and the one we are probably most familiar with. It is right there before our eyes every day, but without the aid of a microscope we cannot really appreciate its complexity and many important functions.
  4. Cardiovascular System
    The cardiovascular system (the heart and blood vessels) is the most vitally important organ system in the body. Your heart pumps blood, and your blood vessels channel and deliver nutrient-rich oxygenated blood throughout your body.
  5. Respiratory System
    The human respiratory system—of which the lungs are the largest component—is the most high-tech air purification and conditioning system on earth.
  6. Digestive System
    The average person eats about 100,000 pounds of food during his lifetime. Have you ever considered what happens in the body to make use of all those grains, meats, and vegetables—plus all those fun sweets?
  7. Urinary System
    In this DVD, Dr. Menton uses human anatomical models, microscope imaging, and detailed computer illustrations to describe the importance and incredible design of the human kidney.
  8. Hearing Ear & The Seeing Eye
    No organs of the human body attest more abundantly to God’s creative handiwork than the ear and the eye. Dr. Menton’s casual humor and competence as a beloved professor makes otherwise hard-to-understand concepts both fun and easy to remember!
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