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Body of Evidence Disc 5

Body of Evidence Disc 5

Respiratory System

Publisher: Answers in Genesis
Item: 51643
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The human respiratory system—of which the lungs are the largest component—is the most high-tech air purification and conditioning system on earth. Although we don’t normally think about how smoothly and effectively our lungs work unless they start to malfunction, practically every human is launched into life with two of them!

Finely tuned yet sturdy enough for 90 years or longer on this earth, our lungs are ventilated with voluntary muscles about 20 times every minute and yet we breathe all day without even thinking about it.

Man has never designed a workable substitute for blood. Blood plasma carries nutrients; red blood cells bind life-sustaining oxygen to hemoglobin; white blood cells combat infections and diseases; small cell fragments called platelets patch up holes in our blood vessels and keep us from bleeding to death.

Part 1: 38 mins. Part 2: 33 mins. | Audience: Teens & Adults

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