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Bobbsey Twins #13

Bobbsey Twins #13

Bobbsey Twins' Visit to the Great West

Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1963, Item: 50954
196 pages

"Come on, let's make a snow man!" cried Bert Bobbsey, as he ran about in the white drifts of snow that were piled high in the yard in front of the house.
"That'll be lots of fun!" chimed in Freddie Bobbsey, who was Bert's small brother.
"We can make a man, and then throw snowballs at him, and he won't care a bit; will he, Bert?"
"No, I guess a snow man doesn't care how many times you hit him with snowballs," laughed the older boy, as he tried to catch a dog that was leaping about in the drifts, barking for joy.
"The more snowballs you throw at a snow man the bigger he gets," said Bert.
"Oh, Bert Bobbsey, he does not!" cried a girl with dark hair and sparkling brown eyes, as she ran along with a smaller girl holding her red-mittened hand. "A snow man can't grow any bigger! What makes you tell Freddie so?"
"Course a snow man can grow bigger!" declared Bert. "A snowball grows bigger the more you roll it in the snow, doesn't it?"| "Yes," admitted Nan—Nan being the name of the brown-eyed girl, Bert's twin sister. "I know a snowball grows bigger the more you roll it, but you don't roll a snow man!" went on the brown-eyed girl.
"Ho, ho! wouldn't that be funny?" laughed the little girl, whose hand Nan held.

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