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ARTistic Pursuits Grades 4-6 Book 2

ARTistic Pursuits Grades 4-6 Book 2

Color and Composition

by Brenda Ellis
Publisher: Artistic Pursuits
2nd Edition, ©2008, ISBN: 9780981598253
Comb & Spiralbound, 88 pages
Current Retail Price: $42.95

For the child who wants to add color to artwork, this book provides the first in-depth look at the color wheel. Students learn to mix colors, gain art appreciation by studying how the American Masters used color, and encounter techniques such as creating washes, hard and soft edges, tinting and shading. Features 68 projects and 218 illustrations. Third edition includes four feature pages on using elements of art together; Master works and art history pages have also been modified/updated. Spiral-bound.

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