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Antigone - Student's Companion

Antigone - Student's Companion

by Robert W. Watson
Publisher: Smarr Publishers
©2006, Item: 21861
Consumable Workbook, 12 pages
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Antigone is the third play of the Oedipus trilogy. This play confronts the recurring conflict between a citizen's obedience to the State and his exercising his religious duties and obligations to God. After Oedipus leaves Thebes, Creon becomes the king. Later, one of the sons of Oedipus, Polyneices leads a revolt against Creon. However, the defender of Thebes is the other son of Oedipus, Eteocles. Polyneices and Eteocles meet each other on the battlefield and both kill each other. Eteocles is buried with honours; by Creon's command, Polyneices is to be left on the battlefield unburied. When faced with obeying King Creon's unreasonable command or following her religious conscience, Antigone, sister to Polyneices, has no struggle as to what to do—she does her religious duty.

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