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Amistad - Coloring Book

Amistad - Coloring Book

Dover Coloring Books
by Peter F. Copeland
Publisher: Dover Publications
Coloring Book, 28 pages
Current Retail Price: $3.95

In 1839, the Amistad, a Baltimore-built schooner engaged in the slave trade, was the scene of a mutiny in which its human cargo revolted against the crew and killed the captain. Hoping to sail back to their native land, the Africans landed instead off the New England Coast. The story of these people is dramatically illustrated here—from their capture in Africa and bloody revolt aboard ship to their incarceration in a New Haven jail and their successful defense before the Supreme Court by former U.S. President John Quincy Adams. The subject of a critically acclaimed motion picture, the Amistad story is of interest to students and teachers of American and Black history. Dover Original. Approximately 29 black-and-white illustrations. Introduction. Captions.

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