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American Republic - Student Text (really old)

American Republic - Student Text (really old)

2nd Edition, ©2000, Publisher Catalog #222133
Hardcover, 660 pages
Current Retail Price: $43.00

The American Republic Student Text will grab your students' attention with its unusual, colorful, inviting graphics. More important, though, is its content, which has been thoroughly updated. New material focuses on The Sixties: Nation in Crisis (Chapter 28; a complete survey of the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, and the Nixon administration); Rise of the Right (Chapter 29; chronological survey of the rise of the New Right with expanded coverage of Reagan and Bush); and Bridge to the 21st Century (Chapter 30; Clinton's domestic controversies, the Republican Revolution, impeachment, and global uncertainties). Colorful spreads throughout the book highlight American society and geography, history skills, and time lines.

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