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ACSI Mathematics Intermediate Course B - Teacher Edition

ACSI Mathematics Intermediate Course B - Teacher Edition

Hardcover Spiralbound, 389 pages
Current Retail Price: $90.25

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  • Warm Up exercises provide review and practice.
  • Lesson Objectives are the focus of instructional activities.
  • Introductions contain a "hook" to engage the students.
  • Materials are listed to help in lesson preparation.
  • Reduced copies of student pages with Answer Keys are included.
  • Directed Instructions will guide teachers through concept presentation and use of manipulatives.
  • Cross-Curricular Connections draw other disciplines such as history, science and the Bible onto the study of mathematics.
  • Math Moments are designed for both review and challenge.
  • Blackline Masters provide for enrichment, review, practice, and assessment.
  • A set of Color Transparencies is provided for classroom use.
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