Your Story Hour: Bible "Comes Alive" 5

Your Story Hour: Bible "Comes Alive" 5

Gospels through Acts

Publisher: Your Story Hour
Audio CD
Price: $45.00

This twelve CD album containing 25 dramatized, audio, Bible stories is the last of 5 in the series. This album continues through the life of Jesus including stories about Jesus talking to the Phoenician woman, his transfiguration, Lazarus being raised from the dead, Zaccheus climing the tree, the last supper, the redeptive story of Jesus crucifixion & resurrection. This album also includes stories about Stephen, Saul, Peter, Paul & Silas. (Each CD is approximately one-hour in length.) Narrated by Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue

Stories included:

CD #1
The Power of a Mother's Faith: Jesus and Phoenician woman; feeds 4000
The Great Secret: Mount of Transfiguration;Temple tax

Encounters in Jerusalem: Religious leaders try to trap Jesus
The Man Who Lived Twice: Laxarus is resurrected

Citizens of Heaven: Jesus & children, heals sick, tests young rule
Jesus and Mr. Too Short: Zacchaeus
Cheers for the King:Jesus' triumphal entry

The GreatClash: Second cleansing of the temple
A Night to Remember: The last supper

Betrayed: Night in Gethsemane
The Trial:Jesus on trial

The Road to Skull Hill: Crucifixion
A Promise to Keep:Resurrection and ascension of Jesus

The Strange Case of Blind Bart: Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus
TheBelievers: Early Christian believers

The Cheaters: Ananias and Sapphira
The First Christian Martyr: Stephen is stoned

Saul ofTarsus: Saul converted
Dangers at Damascus: Saul regains sight

The Eloquent King: Peter delivered from prison
The Man Who Turned Back: John Mark

At Phillipi:Paul and Silas start ministry
The Aged Paul Shipwrecked: Paul shipwrecked on way to Rome

The Run-Away Slave: Paul converts Onesimus
Paul and Nero: Paul on trial

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