Shurley English Level 8 - Kit

Shurley English Level 8 - Kit

Publisher: Shurley English
Hardcover, 689 pages
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Nurture a love of the English language, along with an understanding of how it's correctly used! Appealing to all styles of learners, the spiral approach ensures that students repeatedly practice old and new skills, developing a mastery of English in reading, writing, thinking skills. This kit is comprised of the student workbook, teacher's manual and jingle/introductory sentence CD.

This Grade 8 curriculum covers parts of speech, three-point expository paragraph writing, special cases of subject/verb agreement, first person narratives, subordinate conjunctions, pronouns cases, writing a research report, participles, gerunds, infinitives, compound-complex sentences, writing a resume, and more.

Encouraging student-teacher interaction, the teacher's manual features comprehensive chapters which include everything needed for the lesson, including jingles, guided practice, lessons, question-and-answer flow activities, journal writing, and more. Question and Answer Flows are a classifying exercise designed to help students understand how the parts of the sentence work together; students find the name of the function of each word in a sentence and then write an abbreviation of the word function above it.

Lessons are scripted, with important concepts and words bolded, and charts included to help teachers and students visualize each idea. Student page numbers are referenced to help both parent and child easily find their respective places. "How to get started" and "jingle guidelines" provide additional hints and information for the teacher. Answers for the student practice and tests (student pages included in the student workbook) are included chronologically. 687 pages, softcover with teacher index.

With skill tests, application tests, writing examples, writing assignments, and a jingle section in the Student Book, students will gain skill mastery without growing bored of repetitive exercises. The jingle section contains the lyrics to all the jingles. Application tests access cumulative skills, grammar and editing, while skill tests focus upon the concepts taught in the current chapter. 354 pages, softcover.

An audio CD with the jingles and introductory sentences is also included to help students remember elements such as parts of speech.

This kit includes:

  • Shurley English Level 8 Teacher's Manual, 687 pages.
  • Shurley English Level 8 Student Book, 354 pages.
  • Jingle CD
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