Sex and the Pulpit - CD Set

Sex and the Pulpit - CD Set

by Douglas Wilson
Publisher: Canon Press
Audio CD
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"Our pre-conference theme may seem like an odd juxtaposition, but there are important reasons for bringing these two things together. Sexual identity is actually one of the great doctrinal issues of our day, and as such, a message of biblical sexual identity needs to be preached. And the way it is to be preached is important also -- this is a topic that is in equal measure both doctrinal and practical."
--Douglas Wilson

The Talks

  1. Everything's Connected
    From evolution to postmodern philosophy, the forces of unbelief are waging the long war. If the minister's task is to bring the gospel to bear in such a way as to bring every thought captive, then perhaps we should start with those thoughts that are trying take us captive.
  2. A Crisis of Masculinity
    Just as hot promises are not picked up by cold prayers, so also a masculine message is not going to be declared by effeminate men. We have a real crisis in masculinity, and in a very real sense it began in the church and in the leadership of the church.
  3. Why Bible Translations Matter
    Ministers preach from the Bible, and so it is not surprising that the enemy wants to do what he can to dilute the source of all true ministerial authority.
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