Great Illustrated Classics

While we are fans of well-written retellings of classic works, we rarely recommend adaptations of classic books. While they maintain the plot structure of the novel, abridgements usually mutilate the style and language of the original. The Great Illustrated Classics are no exception. Each book is a heavy abridgment of a classic work, and while reading these isn't remotely like reading the originals they serve as an introduction to the general gist of many famous novels. The hope is that your kids will revisit the original books when they're older, but we wonder how often this actually happens.

We carry these by popular demand. Priced cheaply, durable, and attractively consistent, they feature large print and black & white illustrations on every facing page so kids can zip through them. We'd like to encourage you to find books that are written at your kids' level instead of these, but they're here if you want them.

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Great Illustrated Classics
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GIC: Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Great Illustrated Classics
by Mark Twain
from Baronet Books
for 2nd-4th grade
in Great Illustrated Classics (Location: SER-GIC)
$3.00 (1 in stock)