Feeding the Whole Family

Feeding the Whole Family

Recipes for Babies, Young Children, and Their Parents

by Cynthia Lair
Publisher: Sasquatch Books
Softcover, 309 pages
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For nearly 15 years, Cynthia Lair's iconic cookbook Feeding the Whole Family has been the source for parents who want to cook one healthy meal for the entire family, including babies.

Feeding the Whole Family starts with the basics of creating a whole foods diet, from understanding grains and beans to determining what meats are acceptable to eat. Lair then applies these lessons to cooking for young children and babies aged six months and older. In each recipe, Lair offers special instruction on how to adapt it so that younger children can enjoy the dish while parents can eat a more complicated version. All recipes utilize easy-to-find ingredients, are simple to follow, and will be enjoyable for both child and parent. With a new foreword by Mothering magazine's editor and founder Peggy O'Mara, Feeding the Whole Family is a necessary staple for all families.

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