Early Flight in America

Perspectives on History Series
by William L. Coleman (Editor), Pat Perrin (Editor)
Publisher: History Compass
Trade Paperback, 64 pages
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Here is a brief overview of early fight in America—through photos, letters, magazine articles, and journals of the men and women who enabled America to "take wing." In Chapter One you'll meet "The Dreamers"—Ben Franklin, Octave Chanute, Simon Newcomb, and Otto Lilienthal.

The next section of the book introduces the reader to the "Successes and Misses" of Gustave Whitehead, the Wright brothers, Israel Ludlow, and others. History has recorded the prominent role of airpower and rapid innovations in aviation before and during World War I, and, in the chapter entitled "The Dream Realized," the editors have excerpted accounts of Lawrence Sperry, Eddie Rickenbacker, Charles A. Lindbergh, and Amelia Earhart.

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