Art Fraud Detective

Art Fraud Detective

by Anna Nilsen
Publisher: Kingfisher
Hardcover, 48 pages
Current Retail Price: $17.95
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Spot the difference, solve the crime!

The security guard at the Museum of Art has a problem . . . a big problem. Some of the museum's priceless masterpieces have been stolen and replaced by cunning forgeries! Now he needs the help of a sharp pair of eyes to find the fakes. Are you up to the job? We hope so, because the future of the museum is in your hands!

  • A spot-the-difference puzzle, a mystery story, and a reference book—all in one!
  • Contains more than 35 paintings from the National Gallery in London, England.
  • Includes information on each picture, plus a glossary of art terms.

Includes a magnifying glass.

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