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The 3 minute word search game

by Parker Brothers
Publisher: Hasbro
©2005, Item: 9126
Current Retail Price: $24.50

Here's how easy this game is: you shake up the letter dice, set the timer, and find all the words out of the connected letters you can in 3 minutes. Then add up your score. That's it. Simple? Deceptively so.

It's pretty hard not to go completely blank when the cover is removed from the dice rack. There are all these letters, and they might form words but all you can see are meaningless symbols, and all you can hear is the inexorable sifting of the sands of time in the little plastic hourglass timer that is actually a threeminuteglass timer. It's more nervewracking than Navy SEAL bootcamp.

The trick is to dominate your fear and force your brain to start working. Practice actually does make perfect when it comes to Boggle. Crossword puzzle addicts have been known to devote themselves to Boggle in order to hone their skills, and certain members of certain collegiate English departments frequently rely on their Boggle prowess to wow other profs.

Parents, please don't use this as an educational forum. Games are supposed to be fun, and words are supposed to be fun; casting the pallor of enforced learning over either robs them of their inherent life-giving powers. This is a classic word game and should be treated as such. No matter what the math geeks might say, Boggle rocks.

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  Ah, Uh, Meh
Sincerelyornot of Oregon, 11/10/2011
As a competitive game, this is unimpressive. Its a crossword puzzle with no clues and without alot of rules, the person with the most imaginative spelling techniques usually wins. Also, even if you got the words all fairly, it can be hard to relocate them after the timer is out. Its kinda boring. I find its more fun as a personal crossword puzzle generator for road trips, with the timer, well, left at home. But if you have a family member who likes crossword puzzles, its probably the one thing they don't have yet, so it does make a great novelty Christmas gift.